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We are pleased to offer you a service of riding instruction and introduce you to the world of amateur equestrian sports.
If before meeting us, you have never sat in the saddle, we recommend starting with individual training. You will be able to hone your skills to a level that is comfortable for you, work on numerous repetitions of your favorite exercises and consolidate the result.
A personal trainer will answer all your questions, take into account your wishes and follow the program that is right for you, because someone comes for sports results, someone for recovery, and someone, perhaps, just to relax.
To move on to group classes, it will be enough to complete a course of 4-5 tete-a-tete lessons with a trainer. By this time, you will comfortably and independently be able to ride around the neighborhood and enjoy the company of your horse-teacher, communicate with team members in the “same language”, and the words “clothes”, “salt cloth”, “headband” and “girth” (and many others) - will no longer seem like obscene language.
We will not only teach you how to manage a horse on your own, but also discover new possibilities and abilities of your body; we will teach you to overcome fears and improve your overall physical shape: you will become stronger, more resilient and more self-confident.

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